The Brook of Tears – Now Available

When there is nothing left … except hope. One spring morning two Earth years ago in Silver Lake, Wisconsin, Josiah walked away from the human life he created and the only soul he ever loved. He returned to his home on the Sun to continue in his people’s traditions as their High Elder. His new life couldn’t fill the void left from the loss of Raina in his life or chase away the nightmarish memories that plagued him. Immersed in his previous regiments, Josiah is assigned a new Esprit de corps, who is a professor at a college in California. Blind to the irreparable dangers that were developing in Silver Lake, Josiah fights to keep his sanity by taking refuge in the companionship of a mysterious woman. She entangles Josiah into a new realm of terror where his protection may not be enough to save them both.

None is to be lost…who are meant to be saved…

Defying the laws of his people, Josiah risks his very existence in the crusade for the guidance of his Esprit de corps. Josiah’s course of action threatens his destiny with eternal exile to the planet Deimos, a mysterious universe in which the fallen are sent.

Jeopardizing his newfound humanity, Josiah combats rogue guardians who have opened the abyss, unleashing horrific devastation upon earth. The battle line is drawn and the Village of Silver Lake, Wisconsin has become the battlefield. Josiah must keep Silver Lake and the surrounding communities of Trevor and Wilmot safe from destruction.

His endurance and empathy for the humans he despises are tested in a ghastly conflict of physical strength and divine powers. Josiah is devastated when he realizes what the protection of the Sentinel and his servitude to the Creator…will cost him.